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Looking for specialist biodiverse roof installers near me?  In need of help with setting up a living garden or roofing space in the city, a small town or even out in the country? 

With a range of options available for you in our bio diverse roofing collection, you can be assured of a lush, verdant new roofing space regardless of specification – with plants and vegetation pre-grown and ready for you to enjoy for months and seasons to come no matter where you may be. 

There has been increasing interest in eco-friendly roofing and bio diverse gardens in recent years – and whether your aim is to bring a bit of nature back to the city or to encourage wildlife to return to the pastures they enjoy, setting up a green or brown roof is a very worthwhile cause – both for you and for the world around us. 

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Biodiverse Green Roof

While biodiversity may largely be the name of the game when it comes to brown roofing, our installers will also be more than happy to introduce a complex and varied bio diverse green roof into the mix as per your desires and instructions. 

Biodiversity is all about ensuring that the environment has a greater selection of life to thrive upon in any given area – and the gardens we lay, from blankets to mats and more besides, are built with the local ecology in mind. 

Green roofs are just that – largely green and ready to lay down, meaning that your roof is instantly transformed from a simple, wide open space into a green patch of land up in the heavens. 

Our biodiverse roof installers will make sure you have a variety of options to choose from as well as the power to ensure you’re doing right by the environment around you!

Biodiverse Brown Roof

Biodiverse brown roof systems ( can be a little more on the complex side, but are set up with the aim to bring nature back where it belongs. 

In spaces where tall buildings have been erected to push nature to one side, natural brown roofs and gardens can be used to help re-introduce certain life back into the local environment. 

Essentially, while you are not only creating yourself a splendid garden space where many may least expect it, you are also giving plenty back to the planet. 

Brown roofs may incorporate logs, wildflowers, boulders, land formations and sand – a real mixture of everything in an attempt to mimic the landscape which once stood where skyscrapers now reside. 

We’ll take a closer look at your locale as well as your own desired plan to make sure the right brown roof is built for you.

Biodiverse Roof Maintenance

With any roofing system, whether it is a biodiverse one or a sedum roof ( you need to make sure the correct maintenance is carried out.

Maintaining your roof garden, your green roof or brown roof won’t be an exact science, as these installations will vary from specification to specification. 

Biodiverse roof maintenance is all about keeping a close eye on the life you’re cultivating – and while it may seem a little daunting at first, once we’ve shown you the basics – and the tools of the trade – you’ll enjoy keeping things ticking over in no time at all. 

Living gardens may sound as if they can fend for themselves – but despite waterproofing and other protective elements which can be introduced, you are going to still need to keep a close eye on things – and we can help you along the way.


Biodiverse Roof Design

A biodiverse roof design may look a little less uniform than a standard green roof or podium garden – – however, there’s still every opportunity for you to transform it into something spectacular that’s all your very own. 

Brown roofs and bio diverse units alike are built to encourage natural life to thrive against all elements – and in this sense, we will always work with you on a practical and functional design that promotes sustainability as well as aesthetic pleasure. 

Biodiversity is incredibly important in a world which is rapidly struggling against the threat of climate change and in light of species going extinct on a regular basis. 

Protect endangered life such as our British bees by making sure they have somewhere new to call home in even the coldest or harshest of climates.

Biodiversity Roof Gardens

Biodiversity roof gardens really are stunning – and they do plenty of brilliant work for the world around us – which is why, as biodiverse roofing installers, we are always happy and proud to be able to offer a huge range of options for customers across our region and the surrounding areas. 

Whether you are a corporate presence or a private developer, bio diverse gardens continue to be hot property up and down the UK – particularly in cities – which means you will be joining a cross-section of ecologically-aware and enthusiastic developers by taking advantage of some truly marvellous landscaping.

Bio Diverse Roof Build Up

We will oversee the entirety of your green and/or brown roofing project from design through to installation – and we’ll also let you know what you need to do to maintain and look after your garden once it’s up and running. 

The bio diverse roof build up process is the fun part – it’s great to see these gardens come to life, and as the closest biodiverse roof installers many homes and firms have across cities and towns alike, we are always keen to share our knowledge and expertise -

Keen on building up your own biodiversity no matter where you are?  Don’t go it alone – call in the experts who can help!

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If you’re interested in setting up a biodiverse rooftop garden with view to cultivating life for seasons to come, get in touch with nearby biodiverse roof installers at your convenience! 

Enquire now by filling in our contact form with any queries you have about the processes, options and variety of choice that awaits you. 

Let’s create an environmentally-friendly new space that looks great and which gives more than a little back ecologically.


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