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Green Roof Systems

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With the Government trying to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint by a whopping 80% by the year 2050, they are trying to encourage everyone to do their part to help.

Green roof systems are one such initiative but they make sense on so many other levels. They are not to be confused with garden rooftops.

A green-roof system involves installing a watertight membrane on the roof and then planting various greenery on top, creating a ‘green-roof.’ They are sometimes called ‘living roofs’ because in essence, that’s exactly what they are and the advantages that they provide cannot be disputed.

You may have additional extras added to these systems such as rooflights and much more.


How to Build a Green Roof

Knowing how to build a green-roof really isn’t all that tricky. What you need to understand is that a green-roof system is compiled of multiple layers, so by the time everything has been laid down, it will be extremely heavy.

You need to make sure that your roof and your building foundations are strong enough to cope with this weight or you’ll end up with a disaster on your hands.

Next come the multiple layers of protection for the roof. You can’t just put some soil on your roof and expect things to grow because it just won’t work.

It is recommended to put a high quality roofing mat or green roof blanket down prior by professional installers to ensure a high quality installation.

You need to protect the roof itself from moisture and greenery, so layers of filtration and lining need to be installed to prevent damp and leaking water. Once these have been installed you can address adding the soil and the plants that you want to include, this can range from anything - even wildflower.

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Green Roof Construction Cost

The eco green-roof construction cost has been known to put people off as it can be expensive. Obviously, the larger the area the more expensive the project will be, but it has to be seen as an investment rather than an indulgence.

Since specification can have an impact on cost we can alter your spec to meet specific budgets.

Alternatively you may choose to go with a Sedum roof, which is similar with some differences. 

Much like solar panels, the initial outlay is expensive but they repay their cost many times over the years. A green-roof can last twice as long as a normal one, they do brilliant things for the environment and they keep your home well insulated so the benefits far outweigh the initial cost.

As well as the size, other factors to consider are;

  • The amount of labour involved

  • The cost of the materials

  • The cost of the greenery

  • Whether the roof will need reinforcing first

To be sure that you are not overstretching yourself financially it would be a good idea to speak to a local roofs fitter such as ourselves that has experience of installing green-roof systems.

We will take you through the process of what is involved and then make recommendations unique to your property. Please get in touch by completing the form below and we will call you back to discuss your green-roof system further.

Living Roof Construction

Living roof construction is a lot more labour intensive than a traditional flat roof system but the rewards are well worth the initial hard work.

The green-roof system comprises of multiple layers of insulation, irrigation and soil being installed before any greenery can be planted. This is to ensure that the roof is safe from leaks and damp, but also to make sure that the foliage thrives and makes the roof as effective and as economical as it can be.

Once the various greenery, shrubs, plants, and grasses are planted they immediately start to help neutralise CO2 levels and help the environment.

Living Roof

A living roof makes a stunning addition to a building and makes a tired, uninspiring flat roof a treat for the eyes and a great way of controlling your CO2 emissions.

In the middle of a city, for example, the closest thing some people can get to see any kind of greenery is by having to go to a nearby public park.

Why do that when you can have a little slice of paradise on your own roof? Repairs to the roof will be virtually zero because the plants will look after themselves, maintenance just involves weeding a few times a year, and you should see your energy bills start to drop because the plants and greenery make the roof ultra insulated.


Living Roof Cost

Living rooves cost more than conventional flat rooves to install but they will also last twice as long and make your home much more energy efficient.

Costs will vary depending on how labour-intensive the project will be but you will find that a green-roof will start paying you back almost immediately.

A refurbishment of your existing flat roof into a living roof could make it so much more eye-pleasing and environmentally friendly so get in contact with your local green roofing systems installer today to find out how you could have an amazing new roof and how it could work for you.

Green Roofs Pros and Cons

The green roofs pros and cons are as follows;


  • They last longer than conventional roofs, up to twice as long.

  • They are amazing at controlling the building temperature - they will keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer

  • Incredibly thermal efficient - they lower your heating bills by effectively regulating the temperature of the building

  • Lower your carbon footprint - the foliage that you install takes the poisonous carbon monoxide out of the air and uses it in photosynthesis to provide its own energy. It then releases oxygen into the atmosphere which helps the environment and makes our air cleaner

  • Aesthetic value - they look beautiful compared to standard flat roofs


  • Expensive to install initially - the various materials required and the amount of labour involved mean it can be costly to set up.

  • Maintenance - needs weeding, feeding and watering much like a traditional garden

Green Roofs UK

Green roofs in the UK can be found everywhere from city tower blocks to schools, to garages and sheds. More and more people are realising the potential that they have for making their buildings more energy efficient, but look at your surrounding areas - wouldn’t a green-roof look so much better than a boring, black flat roof?

DIY Green Roof

If you are thinking of doing a DIY green-roof then you’ll need to include the following layers to make sure that it is as effective as possible;

  1. Roof Felt

  2. Pond Liner

  3. Gravel

  4. Root membrane

  5. More gravel

  6. Moisture blanket

  7. Wood Chippings

  8. Compost

  9. Topsoil

  10. Plants

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