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More and more people are taking advantage of the growing trend in bringing a little bit of nature back to cities and towns – while there may be plenty of park and woodland spaces scattered around, there is a growing buzz around brown roofs and green roofs which we encourage everyone to consider at least a little! 

Towering city blocks and humble homes in the countryside alike, brown roofing is a relatively new way for environmentally-conscious families and firms to start giving a little bit back to the planet. 

Brown roofing is completely different to podium gardens It is important you know exactly what you want before making an order.

As experienced brown roof specialists and local experts in the design and maintenance of living roof spaces, you can count on our team for friendly, expert advice on all things brown, green, and everything in between! 

We’re your nearby roof garden experts – why not call or email us today to learn more about what we can do for you?


Brown Roofing

Brown roofing, while similar to green roofing (, perhaps focuses a little more on the biodiverse angle.  Brown roofs will generally mimic landscapes and natural habitats of creatures and critters who have otherwise had to move on – or who have become endangered – as a result of building development. 

These roofing systems are wildly popular with those concerned with the continuation of development in cities and towns alike – particularly as they are set up and maintained to keep things as close to the local ecology as possible. 

This way, you can always guarantee that local creatures and life will flock to you from season to season, come rain or shine.

Brown Roof System

A brown roof system developed from a simple mat or blanket, is a great idea if you are interested in not only creating your own unique garden space up high, but if you are directly involved in protecting local wildlife and the environment it lives in. 

Our expert installers will be on hand to develop a system which offers wildlife the chance to thrive throughout the year – and what’s more, it can all be created from a bespoke design you develop with us. 

Our brown roof specialists know exactly what goes into the best installations – and it’s ultimately up to you what you’d like to include, and how you’d like to put it all together.

Brown Roof Specification

Brown roof specification will vary from project to project, though we will always be able to make a number of recommendations based upon your project desires and the local environment. 

With these elements in mind, our experts will work hard to create an eco friendly space that’s simple to maintain and which can retain its ‘living’ status even in the harshest of weathers. 

Well-built brown roofing will also discourage flooding and may even increase the value of certain buildings – it is an option which is always well worth considering if you feel your neighbourhood could use a little TLC when it comes to the local ecology.

Brown Roofing Maintenance

Maintaining your roofs isn’t a specific science – depending on the features you possess and how complex your roofing system is, our specialists may prescribe a certain type of action in order for your garden to truly flourish and to encourage life to visit in the months to come. 

Setting up boulders, rocks, logs, patches of sand and other natural emulation is all part of the process – and maintaining the elements that work well, while removing those which may not, offers an example of what you can expect. 

Rest assured, you won’t have to go it alone – we’ll let you know how you can best maintain your roof garden for the seasons to follow – and if all else fails, we will always be on hand to help.  Need brown roofing support near me? 

Look for a firm or for experts who caters to a wide array of surrounding areas – such as ours!

Brown Roofs Near Me

If you’re looking to find an expert in brown roofs near me, we are more than happy to show you some of our brilliant brown roofing installation options and designs. 

Your bespoke space is entirely your creation - we will simply assist you in the design, fabrication and installation – it’s your garden, your habit – and therefore, it should always be something you should be proud of. 

Let us work with you on roofing systems that will encourage local wildlife and inspire the people around you – brown roofs look great and offer so much more in the way of environmental value – and what’s more, our models and systems are competitively priced, so you’ll never risk any nasty hidden fees.


What is a Brown Roof?

Many people ask us outright – what is a brown roof?  While it may sound as if it is simply a normal roof painted in a certain colour, it is in fact a way to bring local habitats back to life – and to encourage local wildlife to thrive once more. 

Our specialists will be able to take a close look at your existing roof space and will find the best possible options for you to consider in your unique installation.  The aim of a brown biodiverse roof ( is to emulate the local, natural world – to ensure that what was once here can develop and blossom once again. 

In city spaces and in areas of high development, nature can get left behind – we’re here to help change that, and we encourage you to join us!

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If you’re new to the idea of green roofing, roof gardens in general or would like brown roof specialists to discuss setting up a new habitat as part of your existing building, let’s start at the very top – contact us today to discuss your ideas with us in more detail, or, if you prefer, get in touch with the team via email. 

This way, you can let us know exactly what you’d like to do to bring a garden space to life – and we will help you!


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