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Anyone interested in bringing a little bit of green into their city block – even if it’s just a small strip of green or two – may well be interested in hiring local sedum roof experts in Arle GL51 0 to help with making even the barest of roofing lush and verdant. 

We help to design and craft these roofing designs and systems with a focus on bringing as much natural and living beauty to city blocks and more besides – choose a blanket or mat to grow organic life from and watch your own roof garden flourish! 

If you’re new to this type of roofing and are keen to make the most of a wide roofing space with extensive greenery and eco-friendly, biodiverse options (, call on our nearby team to help you design and install the right roof garden system for your needs and desires. 

Why not inspire the neighbourhood in a positive way – and bring nature back to the cities where it once thrived?


Sedum Roof Texture

Pregrown sedum mats or sedum plugs, no matter which specification – our installers will always help you to pick the best look for you and your premises, commercial or otherwise. 

Simply install a blanket, mat or plug system and you’re away – with minimal maintenance – and we will help you to find the right texture and look for your own personal tastes, too. 

Our systems – sedum and beyond - are completely eco-friendly and offer a range of wildflowers and plants for you to marvel at as the weeks go by – why let your roof go to seed when your closest sedum roof experts can help you breathe new life into what may be a wide open space?

Sedum Roof Construction Details

Simple, complex, small or grandiose, let our nearby time handle all the sedum roof construction details for you.  Early on in the design process we will agree with you which mat systems you’d prefer to install, and we will also run through exactly how your sedum blanket will be set to work its wonders. 

Organic and low-growing plant life is now easier than ever to come by thanks to easily-installed roofing options – we will supply you with water retention and drainage boards, too, so that your plant life can continue to thrive in the city. 

Waterproofing and plant protection comes as standard no matter which system you opt to install with us – come and talk to our team to learn more about which options may or may not be the best fit for you.

Sedum Roof Cost

Sedum roof cost can vary from installation to installation – and whether you are installing plugs, mats or blankets, we will always be able to offer you a robust and dependable quote to fit your budget at the start of any projects you undertake with us. 

Our roofing systems in Arle GL51 0 are priced competitively and, as such, are amongst some of the most popular in our region and surrounding areas.  We only ever quote you based upon the materials used and the labour required – there will never be any nasty little surprises lurking away in your final bill with us! 

Call us and let’s start discussing your needs – so that we can build you a reliable quote based on exactly what you need and what you’re looking for.

Sedum Roof Detail

Green roofs carry a huge array of benefits and, as such, houses out in the country and buildings up in the city have taken them on up and down the UK. 

We will always be up front with you on sedum roof detail and will look closely at the variety of natural options and biodiversity that will open up to you. 

Our experts such as our team will gladly help you build your own unique garden space to help combat the growing threat of climate change – and you may even encourage a number of wildlife to come and visit you when you least expect it! 

It’s important to continue encouraging endangered life such as our bees – and taking on an affordable roof may be the best thing you do for the planet this year.  Why not get in touch to get started?


Sedum Living Roof

A sedum living roof in Arle GL51 0 will allow you to easily grow low maintenance plant life and to encourage wildlife and biodiversity with little effort – using our waterproofing systems and water management options, living roofs are hardy against all elements rain or shine – though we will always let you know exactly how you can make the most of it from season to season. 

A living roof not only looks wonderful – it’s actively helping the environment, too. 

If you have roof space and you’re keen on bringing a little bit of nature back into your life, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about green podiums ( and more besides.

Sedum Flat Roof in Arle

A sedum flat roof is one which not only encourages the growth and cultivation of green life and various species to safely visit and thrive, it also allows you to create your own green roof space which you can look upon and enjoy across the months and years to come. 

While a relatively new phenomenon in the mainstream, as experts we are more than happy to discuss the wide-reaching benefits of green and brown roof installations –  – as well as the best ways in which how you can really get them to shine through rain and sun.

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Looking for sedum roof experts in Arle GL51 0 near me?  Unsure where to start when it comes to building and caring for your own unique garden space up on high? 

Contact our team in the first instance – by filling in our contact form if you have any specific needs or concerns – and let us work together with you in building an inspiring and worthwhile garden area that your roof – and indeed your entire neighbourhood – can be proud of. 

It is already working wonders out in the countryside and in the heart of London, too!


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